Feb 17, 2008

Tea cups quilt

My tea cups are all made. I have to join them up, of course. But they did come out gaily colored. And they were such fun to make.

There's some good news about the hummingbird babies. Now we know why the mama bird picked the plum tree--it is starting to blossom today. There'll be lots of nectar for the babies. Can you see the baby bird's beak poking up out of the nest? Now I know why bird-watching can be such a fun hobby.

I finally have gotten back to knitting my white sweater. I started that sweater about 1 1/2 years ago. I had most of the left front done, and I managed to finish that part this week. I had one sleeve started too, so I'm doing that. I've got short arms, so the length of sweater sleeves is always a problem. I think I should sew the shoulders together, and then try to figure out the sleeve length. It's a dropped shoulder style. The sweater is make of sport yarn.

CBS brought back the TV show "Jericho." Did you know that people were so dissappointed when they cancelled the show, that they were sending CBS nuts? That was because the word "Nuts" was prominent in the last episode. CBS received tons of nuts. I can imagine their mail room being overwhelmed by packages and packages. The network relented and will run a few more shows, to at least bring resolution to the story. I was enjoying watching that show because of the interesting premise. I wanted to see how the people could cope with a (fictional) catastrophe.

Google had a notice about all the new innovations that they have made to improve blogs, but my spell checker no longer is working. So, attention all school teachers, please do not use your red pen on my errors!


Jacquie said...

Roz, The tea cups are simply fabulous. So whimsical! I just can't get over them. I need to get this pattern. Great fabric too. Is it difficult? (I'm looking warily at the handles.) Enjoy the day!

jovaliquilts said...

The tea cups are such fun! I like them!