Sep 22, 2008

Heart wall hanging, or mat

Here's a little wall hanging or mat that I made for my good friend Quilting Cindy. I hope to get to the PO sometime this week to send it to her.

Now on to the further adventures of Roz: In the last episode, Roz's nine year old Stereo bit the dust. The little thingy where you insert the CD's got stuck. It's a good thing in a way that the thingy got stuck in the outy position, and didn't eat my CD's. Also, I will admit that it only played one radio station, and only one of the two doors for playing tapes still opened. So I looked on the Internet to see how much it would cost to replace. The answer is nothing. It seems that the stereo is completely obsolete. My stereo could play CD's, radio, cassette tapes and old-fashioned records. I have the forty year old records to prove it. However, it is possible to buy something called a Shelf Stereo. It will play CD's and has a radio. My daughter went with me to the store and helped me to pick out a new stereo. And my grandson told me that he would come over, remove my old stereo, and install the new one in my entertainment center. However, before that could occur, she went to see friends in another county with the stereo still in the trunk. So my new stereo went on a sight-seeing trip for about 100 miles. But my grandson did phone me today and say that he has possession of the thing and will be over later to take care of it. OK, you say, but what will happen to my 125 cassette tapes and my phonograph records? Well I do have an ancient radio with good sound in my sewing room that plays tapes. And I will donate the records to the library for the Friend of the Library Book Sale. Actually, if I give away the records, I'll have the space for more books and a basket of fabric!


Margaret said...

G,Day Roz,My player also gave up the ghost on the c.d. area, I looked around and the sales people were all speaking a different, all I want ed was a player that played rtecords, c.ds. and tape and I could listen to the wireless, I to only listen to one station. Anyway MM Mere Male husband Keith said I could use my laptop computer to play the c.d.s and that is quite satisfactory.I am new to quilting and I enjoy knitting.

quiltingcindy said...

Oh my! I think I better start whispering sweet nothings to my stereo, I didn't know you couldn't buy cassette players at all. I mainly listen to the radio and use the DVD player when Nikolas needs his music but still, ya never know.

I was so surprised to read you made me a wallhanging, I can't wait to get it. Thank you so much.

Clare said...

Can you whisper please. We've got an old JVC music centre stack system with cassette and LP turntable that we've had for years. I think if it died on me I'd die too!