Sep 16, 2008

Tree Wall Hanging

Here's my tree wall hanging, I finished it. I designed this myself, so all the blame is on me. It's hand appliqued and embroidered. I included the Bible verse on the bottom. That's where my idea came from. I like to make a double line of quilting on wall hangings. My arthritis is too bad to be quilting a whole quilt, but I can get away with a small piece. I thought that I should take two photos, one showing a close-up. Of course, I put the photos on the blog in the wrong order. I do that often. I did make a hanging tunnel on the back, but I generally hang my wall quilts on a pants hanger on a door. Then I can switch them around, for different holidays or seasons.


jacquie said...

oooh, it's pretty roz. i love the tree trunk fabric!

Finn said...

Its a wonderful tree Roz! I especially like what you wrote beneath it. Doing ones own thing is not the easy way, and I truly admire you jumping in the deep end of the pool. Hurray for Roz!! Hugs, Finn

jovaliquilts said...

Nice! Plus it reminded me of a song I sang in a high school chorus, "And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water..."

Sorry to be so late with the comments. I had some computer problems and am just catching up.