Jan 9, 2009

Letter patchwork

So, I finally got around to trying patchwork letters. A rather staid looking work so far, but I'm thinking to liven things up with yo-yo flowers. I wanted to make this with no pre-planning, I just grabbed some fabric strips and got started. I figured that the most complicated letter was the "E" and started with that one. I spelled the word backwards when making the letters. The word "LIFE" has a lot of meaning for me, in more than one respect. I think this will end up being a wall hanging. I like to hang wall hangings in my hallway, on the doors. I always have a couple of them up (I put them on pants hangers. I have some of those stick-on hooks on the doors.) I rotate the hangings according to the season, etc. Have to put up my patriotic one for the Inauguration and the MLK Birthday holiday, plus my Tree Planted by the Water one, also.
My other big craft excitement is that I shopped on ebay and got my hands on a copy of the book "Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Workshop". I was looking on www.flickr.com to see baby sweaters and was really intrigued by the Baby Surprise Jacket. I decided that I would really like to knit it. The book has arrived, and it has the pattern within. Now I have to acquire the yarn.


jovaliquilts said...

Are those different blues in there? It's kind of subtle shading but it makes it fun. You and I are on the same quest, it seems, as I'm trying to work more with letting a quilt develop as it grows. Your yo-yo flowers should really jazz it up.

Clare said...

I like the 2 colours together and the yo-yo's should give it a bit of pzzzzzzz.

Try doing lower case letters next, but with wider strips - the lowercase e is easier than the upper case. Unless you are like me and get the darn thing upside down!

jacquie said...

my first letters were really straight too. i think yo yos are a great idea. love the word you chose too!