Jan 1, 2009

Happy New Year. I'm in the middle of free-motion quilting the nine patch quilt now. I knitted this baby sweater lately. I always need to have a baby sweater on hand. For emergencies--I know that the mother was pregnant for nine months--but babies sneak up on me. Last time, someone in the family needed a baby gift. So off went the last green baby sweater I knitted. Luckily, I got the yarn for this sweater at a yard sale a year or two ago, so it's free, as it were. I'm also knitting socks for my son at the moment, and a vest for one of my daughters. (And I'm not even going into the crocheting and the other quilt I'm making.) And there's a waiting line for my knitting--another pair of socks and a vest and a baby sweater, and so on. My family went skiing lately, so those scarves that I made for them came in handy after all.
Baby sweater pattern from www.knittingpureandsimple.com

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jovaliquilts said...

Wow, it would take me all year to knit a baby sweater! This one is really cute. And I know what you mean about babies sneaking up on you. When I plan a baby gift, I always feel like there's so much time, and then, bam, the baby comes and I'm not done.