Dec 28, 2008

Nine Patch Quilt

Happy New Year to all the nice people that stop by my blog. May you have a good year. Here's an old fashioned nine patch that I'm making for a donation quilt. I won't have time to pin it to the backing and batting until next week. I thought that it was time to "get back to my roots" in quilting. I cut 4 inch wide strips, and join them up in threes. Then I cut those up into 4 inch sections, and I join into blocks. After that, I square the blocks up, and only then do I cut out the plain blocks, when I know what exact size to cut them. This quilt is not a regular size bed quilt, it only has 15 pieced and 15 plain blocks, finishing approximately 50 x 60 inches.


Finn said...

Hi Roz, Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Healthy New Year to you, *VBS*! The lowly 9 patch is a lovely project and will serve someone very well indeed. Not a thing in the world wrong with a useable working quilt. Not everyone gets to be a race horse, some of us have to pull the plow to get the job done!! I'm with you all the way. THree cheers for all the lovely crocheted gifts you made. Big hugs, Finn

belinda said...

this is nice.....i need to make one of these to use up some more scraps. thanks for the easy 'how-to'

jacquie said...

happy new year to you too, roz! i have enjoyed coming to your blog this year.