Dec 18, 2008

The snow is snowing

Well, the mountains are sprinkled with snow here, after the cold rainstorm we had. This is the view from where I live, Saddleback Mountain. And below is the delicious knitted collar for a little girl. It's made of Lion Brand Fun Fur. The pattern is on their web site. A neighbor gave me the yarn. So it's free! What a nice lady. I guess that she wanted to make a scarf with the yarn, and got disgusted with it. Believe me, it's a hard yarn to work with. And as if that's not bad enough, the directions called for using two strands held together. The good side of it is, no one will ever detect any mistakes made during the knitting process. Here endeth the knitting and crocheting for Holiday Gifts (I think).

1 comment:

Magpie Sue said...

Any little girl would love to wear that fuzzy pink collar! And she won't care about any "mistakes" in the construction process :- )