Dec 7, 2008

Quick-to-make Gifts

I made the pillow below for a gift. I like to use the half double crochet stitch and work it in the back loop. That gives a nice, soft stitch and has a "knitted" appearance. For this pillow, I chained 50 using knitting worsted yarn and a size J hook. Hdc in third chain from the hook, and in each chain. Chain 2, hdc in the back loop for all the remaining rows. Make two pieces the same size. Measure the rectangle, add seam allowances and sew a pillow form to insert in the pillow. Crochet all around the edges, inserting the pillow form.
If you are in a hurry for a gift, find some left over yarn and make a couple of granny squares, from 14 ot 16 inches square. Then measure, and make a pillow form. I made the pillow form out of a scrap of muslin and filled it with bits of left-over quilt batting. Crochet the squares together, inserting the form.
Here's a baby sweater that I made. I found the pattern on I'm always searching for a pattern that is in knitting worsted yarn and takes 4 stitches to the inch. This little sweater is knitted from the top down, using some yarn that I had in my stash.


jovaliquilts said...

Very sweet baby sweater!

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

That Baby sweater is wonderful. I have never attempted to knit anything more difficult than a scarf.... way too scared.

Anonymous said...

Hi Grandma it's Daniel, I am in the middle of finals week right now and it is very cold here. I have to ride my bike to class and so I am wearing your team America Winter Olympics scarf and a pair of Grandma Rozy mittens. They are keeping me warm and I think they also help provide luck for finals.

I love you very much and will see you when I am home for Winter Break at our big party!