Dec 11, 2008

Crochet scarves: coming and going

Here's some more quickly made gifts. These scarves are made with the same stitch, but one was worked horizontally, and the other vertically. Although they are crocheted, they're not too lacy for a man. But a lady might like them too, as they are soft and warm. Just add a fringe, I guess. Anyhow, to make the horizontal one about 7 ounces of knitting worsted yarn is required and a size J hook. Chain about 150 to 160 stitches. Work hdc in third ch and in each ch across. For each following row: Ch2, hdc in the back loop of each stitch. Keep going until the desired size, or you use up the yarn. To make the vertical scarf, about 6 ounces of knitting worsted yarn is needed, and a size J hook. Chain 28, and follow the directions above, until scarf is length desired, or you run out of yarn.

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