Dec 12, 2008

Crochet mittens

This is the last of my "series" on quick-to-make gifts, I think (unless something comes up). Anyhow, I dimly remembered that back in the stone age sometime, I had a set of directions for crochet mittens in every size. I must have lost those back in the mists of time. I hardly have any reason to make mittens around here in Southern California. But I have a grandson--who was kind enough to post on the blog here recently--and if you read what he wrote, mitts were mentioned! I browsed around the Internet lately, and what luck--I found those old directions (minus a picture), and recognized the pattern. The pattern makes mitts in a jiffy, and the mitts are stretchy and the pattern includes many sizes, and it lives up to the title of "Crochet Mitten's for the family" (I forgive the person who posted this pattern for her little slip in grammar.) The website where the directions come from is

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jacquie said...

mittens are my fav...they keep my hands so much warmer than gloves. maybe in the slow time next summer i could learn how to knit or crochet. i would so like to.