Apr 26, 2009

Although I'm really busy making those log cabin blocks, I took a few minutes making this "S". Yes, I want to get into the free-pieced lettering some more. There's good and bad news. The good news is that between this log cabin quilt and some of the previous quilts, my stack of small scraps has really diminished a bit. I might be able to combine them into one laundry hamper instead of two. The bad news is that's not going to happen today. "S" could stand for Sciatica right now. I'm going to spend the rest of the day doing some serious resting and ice packing, and so forth. I've got the DVD "Australia" to watch. Not much sewing or knitting while lying flat most of the time.

I had a lot of fun surfing the Blogger's Quilt Festival last week. Nice to see so many different quilts and blogs. There was a really long list of quilters. Thanks to Park City Amy.


Brenda said...

Oh I can be clueless!!! I am looking for the 'S' in the red fabrics!! Trying to see how that is going to work!!! I could not figure out how they connected to be an 's'.... Then, it suddenly becomes clear!! The 's' is the light fabric's..... helloooo!!!!

The 'S' looks great by the way!!! duh!! Wow, I can not believe I didn't see it when I first looked!! Now, it's all I see!! lol!! (I have thought a few words that is would work for me today, but I am not going to write them down!!)
Have a great week, and feel better. Enjoy the movie and watch more if you need to. thanks for the laugh at my own stupidity!! lol! see I wrote an 's' word!!! bye!!

jovaliquilts said...

Hi, Roz -- So sorry about the sciatica. Hope Australia takes your mind off it. I've got that on my DVD list but haven't seen it yet. Your 4th of July quilt is looking good!