Apr 17, 2009

Log cabin setting

One of the things that's so much fun with a log cabin quilt is deciding how to set the blocks together. I think I like the diamond set the best, but the diagonal is very tempting. I'll just make a bunch more blocks (bunch is a mathematical term) and then decide at the last minute.
I just got my copies of Gwen Marston's books "Ideas and Inspirations, Abstract Quilts in Solids" and "Freddy and Gwen Collaborate Again." My eyes are dazzled and I never need another quilt book again (I must own about thirty or forty quilt books, anyhow) unless Gwen writes another one!


Eileen Paulin said...

Hope you enjoy Freddy and Gwen's book! Stop by our blog for some behind the scenes shots of them working on the projects in the book.

Cher said...

love your log cabin blocks!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

so glad you got those books - aren't they marvelous. good thing Gwen is working on another liberated book!

Robyn said...


Your wonky cabins are fantastic!!
Does it take much to get your head around doing it that way??
Just wondering..

I love your QF entry too... I love 4 patch quilts and yours is lovely!
Thanks again for stopping by.

Robyn xx

Pink Sky said...

Love this quilt! So fun!!! :)