Apr 5, 2009

Welcome Banner

Here's the finished banner. I'm really happy. The banner came out to be bright because of the colors of the letters. I'm already thinking of making a banner or wall hanging on another theme. However, I have run out of doors to hang them on, and even running out of the pants hangers! What about the walls? They are covered by art works produced by my DH over many years. Plus pictures of my adorable children and grandchildren. I must confess, I even tried moving some of those photos, but there's not enough room in the front hallway to really view this "Welcome" thing. You need to step back a bit from it, because of the size. I have to learn to make much smaller free-pieced letters! I'm going to rotate them, though. Tonya (http://lazygalquilting.blogspot.com )wrote to me and suggested a border at the top and bottom. Too late, Tonya. Thanks so much. You're correct as usual. But I finished making the hanging last night. As far as the quilting--I have posted a close-up. I used a machine stitch. It's a serpentine stitch that my machine produces. I have a setting on the machine that allows adjustment for thick objects, like quilts.
I think that the "Peace" banner that I made last month is one of the best quilts I ever made. I have a few favorites--my top ten, as it were. Although some of them have been used up and fallen into rags over the years, while keeping kids warm in a drafty old house.


Helen said...

Well done, I love the 'O'.

Magpie Sue said...

Actually, your binding sort of works as a very narrow border on the top and bottom of the banner. I like it!