Apr 3, 2009

Welcome progress

Here's the banner so far. Actually, it needs quilting now. After a lot of thought, I realized that the letters needed to "float." Luckily, I had enough of the off-white left to make two strips for the sides. That off-white stuff is mostly bits of fat quarters. And I already used some of it on the previous banners. Then what to do? I decided that patchwork would compete with the lettering. I picked some printed fabric instead. I plan to work on the quilting in the next few days. Making free-form letters turns out to be a lot of fun. The banner is approximately 16 by 40 inches.
This week I was honored to attend a lovely luncheon at the Newport Beach Yacht Club in honor of the volunteers for SPIN-OC. Our Nifty Knitters group keeps making all kinds of hats, scarves, sweaters, afghans and quilts for the homeless, and for the folks that SPIN is helping to get into housing, overcome addiction, and so forth.


scrappy quilter said...

Very nice.

Brenda said...

I think you did a good job on it. It is good that you had the extra white to help it float - it would not have looked as good right next to the borders...... I am glad you enjoyed making the letters, I am still thinking about doing them, but I shouldn't even consided it until I get something actually finished today!!
So have a great weekend!!!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

so fun. have you considered adding a narrower border to top and bottom? I just wonder if that might finish it off a bit.