May 11, 2009

I hope that you had as nice a Mother's Day as I did. My son-in-law cooked the dinner! That was fun. And he had gone to a great deal of trouble to repair a broken necklace of mine. I took a little scrap of paper and drew a lay-out for the wonky log cabin quilt. I hope to get it sewn together this week. My hand quilting on that embroidered wall hanging is also proceeding quite nicely. I don't like to sound like a commercial or anything, but I love the new hand quilting thread from Coats (well I don't know how long it's been around, but new to me, anyhow.) What's next? In my crystal ball I see a donation quilt and maybe another free-pieced lettering thing in my future? And now that I'm feeling a bit better, it wouldn't hurt if I tidied up a bit around here. At least to pick up bags of quilt batting from the floor, for a start. Yesterday, I managed to get a photo or two of a hummingbird visiting that flower I posted last Wednesday. So I hope to be able to post another photo of the same plant, plus the bird. That bird was fast! So beautiful.

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jovaliquilts said...

A log cabin zig-zag -- neat!
Glad you're feeling better, and that you had such a nice Mother's Day. Sounds like a great son-in-law!