Jun 17, 2009

Here I am

I usually post frequently. But I've been away. My oldest grandson graduated from University of California at Davis. I'm so proud of him! He is now an Environmental Scientist. So if anyone is looking for an environmental scientist--he's available for interviews. The graduation day was lovely. The ceremony was in the gym. We family members sat upstairs in the bleachers. And it was fun to have the family together for this occasion. Afterwards, the frat brothers made a barbecue. And on the way home--I visited with my sister and her family, who live in between where I live and Davis. My sister has two of the cutest little granddaughters. The baby is just six weeks and it was my first chance to see her. Before I left I worked on my medallion quilt and added a couple of borders. I'm thinking of two more layers to go. Gwen Marston was right--in one of her books she says it's very important to do a lot of pinning when adding long borders. My seams were much straighter.
And PS, about those flowers that I posted last Wednesday--those were not my personal flowers. They are growing in front of my doctor's office.

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jovaliquilts said...

Congratulations on your gradson's graduation! Good for him, we need more environmental scientists.