Jun 1, 2009

Log Cabin quilt completed, new project started

Here's the log cabin quilt completed. It looks so much better with the binding applied. I've changed my binding method lately. I no longer add a doubled edge. And I don't make bias binding any more. This is what I do--I cut straight strips 1 3/8 wide. I know that size sounds a bit on the fussy side. And I'm not a fussy quilter. But I have found by trial and error that it is the easiest size to work with. I join together as many strips as I need to go around the quilt. Then I sew it by machine to the edge of the quilt in a 1/4 inch seam. When I turn the quilt over and hand hem the binding down, I have found that it's really easy to needle turn under the edge. I hand hem while I'm watching TV, and it only takes an evening or two (depending upon the size of the quilt) and the quilt is ready to be signed, sealed and delivered! And I have also posted a photo of the start of my next project. Look how I have these photos all messed up. I don't know how some bloggers manage to add a bunch of photos and make them all come out in a nice order!


jovaliquilts said...

I don't make bias binding for straight-edged quilts, either. Is yours not double folded then?

Blogger does not make it easy to get photos where you want them, and I've learned that preview doesn't show an exact preview. But it's free!

Brenda said...

I load my pictures in reverse, the last one first and the first last. it seems to work then.

laura west kong said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! =(^_^)=

Great Log Cabin quilt and Star block!
I know what you mean about having the binding strips a certain size. When I make them a different width than my usual it is always trouble for me.

Clare said...

Lovely star block.

Brenda's way of loading photos is the best and if they are still in the wrong place then there is good old cut and paste.

Magpie Sue said...

I often get my pictures out of order too. Well, out of the order I intended them to be in!

I don't mess with bias bindings either but will probably keep doing the double fold thing because I like having that finished folded edge to sew down.

I like your happy star blocks :- )