Jul 5, 2009

I hope that you had as great a Fourth of July as I did--got together with the family. We ate hot dogs and macaroni salad. And after dark, we climbed a nearby hill to see the fireworks going off in the distance. It was a lot of fun.
There'll be a pause until I obtain a quilt batt for the medallion quilt. Meanwhile, I started sewing my leftover bits of flannel together. At first I was thinking that I would sew some strips and then cut the sewn bits up and make them into squares--but I got kind of carried away and before I knew it, I had bunches of sewn-together strips. And so then I decided to make one of those old-fashioned string quilts instead. I've got two different lengths so far, and I guess I'll try to make three different sets of strips. To be continued----


jovaliquilts said...

Glad you had a good Fourth. It poured rain here all day and night, but even so we heard fireworks everywhere! Have fun playing with the flannel.

Sharon said...

Your flannel looks like fun!

Sounds like you had a fun 4th. We had a good day too. Lots of fireworks around here.

Isabella said...

Love your quilt, what is the name of the pattern?? I'd like to see if I can get it here in Tassie (Australia)