Jul 10, 2009

The train is coming

This is what the letters look like now that I've sewn them together. I have to decide what to sew on the top and bottom. Probably some strings or blocks. I thought of the word "Truth" because it's in one of my favorite prayers. And now, the Orphan Train is rolling on, as Finn would say. http://orphantrainsfromfinn.blogspot.com/
I have dug out some orphan blocks and joined them, to make a table runner. This I'm planning to hand quilt. That might take a bit of time, as I'm knitting three things (and have the yarn for more), joining up afghan squares (I hate that job, so it takes me longer to join the squares than to crochet them), and crocheting some flowers (I only made one of those so far.) But the orphan blocks are in the queue.

1 comment:

Nanci said...

I love that patchwork that you did.
I have just ordered my first Jelly roll and I think that I may be doing something like that...2 1/2" right?