Jul 20, 2009

The Whole Truth

Here it is! the Whole Truth. I decided to adorn it with these folded fabric flowers and buttons. So that's the finished wall hanging. With fringes. It is 17 by 16 inches, not including the fringe. I added a hanging sleeve in the back--but I just hung it up on a pants hanger.

Now to make these folded fabric flowers I started by cutting out circles. Most of the circles were cut 3 1/4 inches in diameter, because my Homeowners Association sent me their financial report on this nice small size CD. I never read it, but I immediately recognized it as a perfect template for circles. In order to turn the circles into these hexagons, they are merely folded and pressed. I found a web site that gives directions for these flowers. And it is by Nancy Mahoney, an author of quilting books. I tacked the flowers on by sewing the centers a bit to hold the points in place. And then I sewed on a button. It's easier than appliqueing flowers and also it's three-dimensional.

One of the pleasures of making the wall hanging was not planning ahead very much. I would just go to sleep every night and hope that I had an idea of how to proceed the next day. That helped me to solve problems of how to apply the backing, and so forth.


Sharon said...

Your "Truth" wallhanging looks great! I love the addition of the flowers. So happy-looking. And a very clever use of a CD!

Joyce said...

Very nice work. I like the way you just let it happen.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

whee, fun. congrats on the finish.