Jul 24, 2009

Log Cabin Table Runner

Would you believe this--my sister phoned me yesterday to ask if I was OK because I hadn't posted a Wordless Wednesday photo! I had better keep on my toes around here. I'll try for two next week--how's that? This is what I was doing instead--I finished hand quilting my table runner. That's how four orphaned blocks found a new home. Luckily, I found a nice piece of bias binding that was left over from I don't know when. So that's how I can have a new table runner for no cost. And besides that--I also managed to pin baste my medallion quilt. The teapot in the photo that looks like an antique is from a bargain store. It's small--just enough to make a couple of cups of herb tea. My favorite herb tea is raspberry. A nice cup of raspberry tea will settle the stomach better than any medicine. I used to drink chamomile tea but I found out that it counteracts certain prescriptions. A person has to be so careful these days. I had to give up eating grapefruits altogether because they counteract my prescriptions. And I found out that ginkgo, while it is a lovely tree--should be taken as in pill form with much caution--it can really mess you up with your prescriptions.


Catherine said...

Very pretty little teapot and table runner!
It's quite amazing how some of the "natural" products can have a huge impact on prescription medication!

Sharon said...

I love your "free" tablerunner - very cute!

I knew about grapefruit, but I didn't know about ginko. Thanks. And I'll have to try the raspberry tea - it sounds yummy too!