Apr 30, 2010

I guess I'm rested now--actually I'm feeling a lot more relaxed than when I made my last post.  As you can see by the photo, I knit too much!  Another kid's sweater for donation to charity is finished.  Now yesterday morning I awoke to realize that an idea for a new quilt, or actually quilts, had come to my mind.  I thought that my little (well they're not that little any more) granddaughters would love to have quilts with their names on them.  And since Jera is not only the oldest of the three, but has the shortest name, I decided to start making a quilt for her first.  Now don't fret girls, I plan to make you each one (as my Grandma used to say in a determined voice), "I should live that long." (Oh happy day--my blog now has spell check! Thanks Google.  Now if you could just make more adjustments to how the photos look on the page.....)


Clare said...

Catching up in Blogland and sorry to read that you have been unwell.

I like Jera's name and look forward to watching the progress of her quilt.

Take care.

Magpie Sue said...

Boy, you are quick with the knitting needles!

Anonymous said...


Sharon said...

I think Jera is gonna like her quilt! Good job on the letters.

Your sweater is very impressive! Some child will adore it.