Apr 22, 2010

Liberated Log cabin

When I have left over scraps I start sewing them together.  Eventually, I have a pile of blocks either pieced as string blocks, crazy blocks or liberated log cabins. If I have a lot of juvenile prints, I make a baby quilt. I don't use any foundation for these blocks, I just piece the scraps together. There's less decisions to be made that way. I wait until I have about 20 or more blocks made.  Then I square  them up and piece them into quilts.  Right now, I happen to have finished sewing 20 blocks in a liberated log cabin style.  I squared them up into size 9 1/2 inches (that is including the seams.) Then I cut some 2 1/2 inch strips of a plain solid fabric to use for borders.  Sewn together, 4 by 5 blocks will give a quilt measuring approximately 46 by 57 inches.  When I find quilt batts that are about 48 by 60 inches and are on sale, I purchase a couple to have on hand for when I can use them to make a lap or baby quilt.  I sometimes donate these quilts to charity, too. 


woolywoman said...

I like doing this, too. I finish mine to 12.5 or 6.5 It is nice to have a "parts department" all ready to go!

Sharon said...

I do this too. I love that mindless sewing when I just want to sew but don't want to think enough to do a "real" project. And they're fun and cute blocks. I now have enough done to make two small quilts, as soon as I get them all trimmed to size. I think these will be for charity this time.

Anonymous said...

I've just started doing this too. When I've made a few house blocks, I've been making up a few log cabin blocks with the leftover strips and scraps. It's very relaxing sewing strips together without any planned outcome :-)