Apr 16, 2010

Oh goody!  I have completed the free-motion quilting on my "I love coffee" quilt.  And then I was so happy to find a very good piece of green solid sitting there near the top of my basket of solid color fabrics!  So now I am going to be hemming that binding while I watch movies--I hope I don't have a movie that has subtitles this weekend (then I couldn't sew while watching.)  I get rented movies for the weekends.  Now I have a question--do you remember the very old song, "I love coffee, I love tea?" It was sung by the Ink Spots.  When I was a kid, they played Ink Spots music every Sunday on the radio.  I bet the Ink Spots never knew that they had a weekly radio show in a remote part of Canada.  Where I lived, no one knew or cared what color the people who sang on the radio were, so there was no prejudice on the radio!  I never heard of such a thing until I moved to the United States in 1955.  I guess that Ink Spots recordings are still available, I have them on a cassette.

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