Dec 1, 2010

Two for the price of one

I couldn't decide whether to make a Bricks quilt or a Half-log cabin pattern. I realized that I was digging through my scraps for the quilt blocks and that both have to be made with a definite dark and light assortment of scraps. So why not cut out both types of blocks at once? Maybe I can finally really use up some of this old fabric. I have scraps that hang around for years before I decide what to do with them. I finally made a start on them yesterday. I made my sample blocks. Sample blocks are so important. Sometimes I think that I like a pattern, but when I make the sample I decide that making this quilt block is such a drag--forget about it. Anyhow, down to brass tacks, the bricks are cut out 6 1/2 inches by 4 1/2 inches. The Half Log Cabin is made with 2 1/2 inch strips. These measurements include the seam allowances.
The other photo is of a big bunch of baby hats that I made for charity. There is a nice lady that comes around to our knitting group and donates baby receiving blankets that she makes. She sews flannel into receiving blankets by the "pillowcase" method. The blankets are so nice. And she asked us ladies who knit and crochet to make some hats to go with them. I thought--how does a hat go with a receiving blanket? But my daughter pointed out to me that if a mother has a nice blanket, and can pop a cap on the baby, the baby will be all cozy to go out. So I dug through my left over scraps of yarn (I'm a real scrap collector, aren't I?) and I surfed the Net for directions. I tested out some of the directions that I found. I still need good directions for a knitted hat that uses sport yarn.
It's Holiday time, so Happy Chanukah to all my Jewish friends!


Finn said...

Love the baby hats Roz, looks like you tested a few patterns. I like the looks of the yellow ones up at the top, that syle reminds me of the ones the hospitals use.
And good for you for cutting for both quilts at once! Why not? You have the fabric out, you want to get it use, seems like a good plan to me!
I often cut 3.5" and 2" squares from my focus fabric cutting and set them aside. When I have enough, I cut up a light for background and do a marathon sew of 6.5" bowtie blocks. Hey, why not? I love the bowtie pattern and it's so fast with the flip and sew instead of a set in knot! Keep stitching, Hugs, Finn

Sharon said...

That's using your noggin! Much faster, in the long run, I'd think. I try to remember to do that too.

Cute little hats!

Nanci said...

Love the hats Roz...I used to make them for premmies years ago. makes the body heat stay in..very very cute and generous of you.

Meryl said...

The baby hats *are* just perfect for those little bits of yarn, aren't they? Feels like I've made a million for our coming little one, but if he doesn't get around to wearing them, some other kiddo will benefit!

Miri said...

Oh I like this idea of cutting scraps for two always makes such a mess in my sewing room with the scraps all out of their drawer! :) And maybe two quilts would make a dent in the scrap collection!

Cute, cute baby hats.

Miri said...

Happy Hanuka!!

Magpie Sue said...

What a lovely collection of hats! It feels good to turn those leftover scraps into something useful doesn't it?

My fabrics seem to have to sit around for quite a while before I actually use them too. I'm sewing with stuff I bought 15 years ago... that means in 15 years I'll be sewing up the yardage I'm buying now! Not sure that's the best plan but there you go ;- )