Jun 29, 2011

Completed projects, Jan. to June 2011

Last January I started a notebook with a list of every item that I finished. I make a lot of things that I donate to charity--Serving People In Need of Orange County--especially hats for the homeless and for babies. Besides that, I give many things for gifts to family and friends. And I need things, too. It's now the end of June, and I have several pages of notes. So this is my inventory:

  • 10 dishcloths

  • 9 sweaters

  • 2 afghans

  • 46 hats (not a misprint)

  • 7 toys

  • 5 quilts

  • 3 wall hangings

  • 5 pairs of socks

  • 2 baby bibs

  • 2 scarves

  • 1 tea cozy

  • 4 pairs of wrist warmers

Now I have to do some housework!


Nancy said...

Your list of finished items is impressive. Doesn't it feel good to do what you love and help others, too. Keep up the good work.

Belinda said...

Bravo....very impressive work!!

Sharon said...

Wow, you have been a busy bee! That is quite an accomplishment. And good for you for doing for others with your talents!