Jun 7, 2011

"Slow but sure wins the race."

OK, just to prove that I'm still working on the quilt, I'm posting this photo.  As you can see, (sort of) I've begun to put the blocks together with light brown colored sashes.  I've finally completed and squared up 16 blocks.  I hope that I can get the whole thing put together in a couple of days or so. 
And meanwhile, I've added in a picture of some of the flowers in my cousin's garden.  We visited them on the weekend for a lovely day. 
I've been doing a bit of knitting and crochet lately.  I make a lot of hats for charity. 


Magpie Sue said...

I like the blocks. I've made a ton of that block pattern but have yet to do it in a liberated style!

Clare said...

Those churns are looking really good.