Jun 16, 2011

Pin basting

Every time I start pin basting a quilt, I promise myself that the next quilt I make will be smaller!  This quilt is about twin comforter size--approximately 62 by 84 inches.  I had to piece together three fabrics to make the backing. 
Of course, meanwhile my mind is spinning on what quilt I want to make next.  I want to make another gift quilt and a donation quilt, too. 
I think I need an afternoon nap before I finish basting. 
The good news is that Jacob saw what I'm making for him and he likes it! 


Lynne said...

And that last sentence sums up the most important thing! Well done.

Quilting Corner said...

I'm so happy that Jacob likes it.

Magpie Sue said...

No greater compliment than that the recipient likes the quilt! Are you planning to tie or quilt this one? It'll be fun to see what you decide to do next . :- )