Jun 24, 2011

Free motion quilting

Here's a photo of the quilt at another stage in production. The posts on this quilt seem to go on and on. But, good news--I have finished half of the free-motion quilting. I've been too tired to quilt some days. (That means I have another life besides sewing.) However, I manage to do at least a little bit of quilting almost every day.
What a struggle I've been having with Google lately. I went to the "Settings" page and changed my blog back to "old" for my postings. There's an old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." It wasn't perfect the old way, but I could usually manage to post my photos. Speaking of "it ain't broke." I don't know how those wizards of Silicone Valley have managed it, but they now have a lot of us replacing perfectly functioning phones and computers by newer ones! Everyone seems to have a strong desire for a phone that can not only make actual phone calls, but can play games and do everything except jump rope.


Clare said...

I know! As soon as you buy a new laptop/desktop/Notepad/phone, in 48 hours it's out of date. Ridiculous.

Lynne said...

I switch constantly between "old" editor (to add photos) and "updated" (haha) editor to write posts and add captions! It's a pain in the proverbial!

I'm also sick of having to sign in to Blogger when I want to comment on many of the blogs I follow - another pain in the proverbial!

I have set up a Wordpress account and if I have too much more trouble with Blogger, I'm off!

Purple Pam said...

I like Jacob's churn dash quilt. The churn dash is one of my favorite designs.