Aug 18, 2011

Next quilt--a Hodge Podge

So, I had such fun making that quilt with all solids--which I called my "Art Quilt," that I decided to try making the same type of free-pieced quilt, but with prints this time. I guess that you might call it the Hodge-Podge Quilt. I like it so far, but not as much as the solid one. I need to add borders to it, and that should improve the appearance somewhat. But it's such fun to just sew like crazy and see what it looks like afterwards.
As you can see by the second photo, I also sewed a pair of shortie pajama pants. That's what happens when my daughter takes me to the fabric store--she always seems to find something that she wants me to sew for her! I haven't sewn a garment (except for an apron) in years. I used to make nearly all my own clothes at one time, but fabrics got so expensive that it was no longer economical to sew clothing.
Anyhow, when my two oldest kids were little, the pajamas I bought for them at the store would wear out very quickly. So I decided to make some pajamas for them myself. The kids picked out a flannel fabric that was printed with cowboys. I sewed the pj's with flat-fell seams and those things lasted long enough to become hand-me-downs. My daughter remembered those pj's and she found this cute fabric printed with helicopters--and I had to sew pajama pants again! This time I made French seams. Flannel ravels and if you are sewing flannel clothing, you need to make an enclosed seam. She came over today for a "fitting" and I need to hem these pants and sew the elastic.


paula, the quilter said...

I used to make flannel boxer shorts for my boy. He loved them. And you are correct: one needs to enclose the seams. I used my serger.

Sharon said...

I love your Hodge Podge quilt! You're right - it so much fun to just sew like crazy and then see what it looks like.

Cute jammie bottoms! And what a good Mom you are! Good to know about the flat-felled seams, as I need to make myself some new flannel jammie bottoms for winter. Thanks for sharing that!

True Blue Nana said...

I love the look you are using these days. I can't wait to find some time to try what you are doing. It would be perfect for Quilt as you go. I have so many ideas and not enough time this week.

Lynne said...

That Hodge Podge quilt is a great bit of fun, isn't it?

I also used to sew my own clothes but gave up because they never looked as good on my then slightly-larger-than-average body as they did on the stick thin models drawn on pattern packets!

Roslyn said...

My friend BJ LOVES these "hodge podge " quilts & sews the weirdest, skinniest little bits together for blocks. I save all my scraps under1.5" for her!
I made a few wild & crazy scrap quilts, two on the "Wonky Log Cabin" idea.Love to use my scraps-I pid the same price for them as for the big pieces, right?