Aug 16, 2011

String quilt

Here I am again--it's been so long since my last post! I was having a wonderful time with visiting family! And there was a big birthday party for my daughter and her husband's 50th birthdays. They have their birthday in the same week, and are the same age. So it's good news all around. And at last I have completed this string quilt. It's intended for a gift for a sick person. My head is spinning with ideas for my next two quilts. I do have some blocks started for one of those.
Meanwhile, I finished knitting a sweater for a small cousin. I couldn't decide which sweater to knit--a pullover or a hoodie--so I'm knitting both. The hoodie needs a lot more knitting, but sweaters are not really needed much until October or November. By the way, the wrist warmers that I made previously were a big hit as soon as the girls figured out what in the world they were. Also not needed until the Autumn.


Lynne said...

Glad to hear you've been having a wonderful time with the family.

It's cool enough here for me to need fingerless gloves while I type this at 10:20am! Reminds me it's still winter!!

Sharon said...

Love your string quilt! It's so bright and cheerful - it will surely warm someone's heart as well as their body.

And the little sweater is darling! I can't imagine knitting a hoodie . . . Wow, I hope you'll show a photo of it.