Aug 23, 2011

Shoo Fly quilt

Good news on the quilting front--I've completed quilting and binding this Shoo Fly quilt. I hope to be sending it off for donation this weekend. I free-motion quilted it on my sewing machine. And today I did sew the border on that Hodge Podge quilt. I sewed on 4 inches of a mottled gold fabric. Now I have to dig through my stash (it's in a big storage box at the bottom of my closet) to try to find a backing for it. I've been enjoying my sewing lately. And oh yes, my daughter liked her shortie PJ pants that I sewed for her. The fabric was printed with helicopters and I managed to not have any of them flying upside down.
It seems to me that I ought to be counting my blessings lately--I'm grateful for my wonderful family and friends. I have to be grateful that I live in a nice place and go to bed each night in comfort. And I have to stop complaining so much!
By the way, a message to the East Coast from the folks in California--welcome to earthquake country!


Lynne said...

How can the unknown recipient not love it? It's so cheerful.

True Blue Nana said...

You are a busy lady these days. Love that show fly. We felt the quake in NC. I was moving around in the house but my husband thought the dog was messing with his chair. Now we are facing a hurricane on Saturday!!

Nanci said...

Someone will be stroking this lovely gift for years to come. So lovely and also generous of you!