May 8, 2008

Joining blocks

I'm trying to join all those courthouse steps blocks together. I'm squaring things up right now as I go along. I think that I should have squared them up a quarter of an inch smaller than I did at the start--some of these blocks are a bit smaller than others. I had to put those on a "discard" pile (nothing is really discarded here, unless it's smaller than about one or two inches.) That's the chance that you take if you start joining the blocks together before squaring them all up, I guess. I had thought to square them up one row at a time. I'll never do that again! Now I have the suspense of finding out if I'll need to make extra blocks. I do have quite a few strings left over, so at least there's that. OK, I'll admit it, this is wonderful fun. And I really don't have any specific finished size in mind for this quilt--I'm sort of thinking about afghan size anyhow.
The two quilts--Tea cups and Butterflies--have arrived at their destination--my granddaughters--just as the temperature there is about 95 degrees Fahrenheit. I looked that up and it's 35 degrees Celsius. But that's still not hot for Nevada--it'll go up over 100 degrees for the summer. During the day it will be about 103 degrees and at night it cools all the way down to 102. But it does change considerably in the fall and winter, so quilts are needed then.

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jovaliquilts said...

They can just LOOK at the quilts until fall! They really are cute, and they must love them no matter what the outside temp.