May 18, 2008

Quilting Cindy's Meme

Don't ask me what a Meme is, I have no idea. It's one of the fascinating things about Blogging, I learn something new all the time. Anyhow, Quilting Cindy was kind enough to take an interest in me and send me 5 questions to answer. And I'm supposed to ask more people to answer them, too. Here goes:
1. What I was doing 10 years ago? What a question, as 1998 was one of the most horrendous years of my life (closely followed by 1999--no bargain either.) I had to look up in my journal to find any good things that happened in 1998: My husband and I went to Yosemite in May. It was dark and cloudy weather, but the waterfalls were gushing. I had the "bright" idea that we should take a bus tour from our hotel instead of driving on that windy road ourselves. My DH got car sick, and as the tour bus company sent another bus to take him back, and would not allow him to hitch a ride, he walked back about 5 or more miles to the hotel, while I proceeded on the tour by myself. The next day, he drove the car up there and we had a great time, but it was so foggy on the way back, we were afraid we would drive off the road (and over a cliff). Another good thing I found in my journal was that I grew a bunch of garlic in my back-yard garden, and I braided them and hung them up to dry on the patio. Our friends gave us their tickets to the Symphony, as they were unable to attend, and that was my one and only time I got to go to see a Symphony Orchestra. I celebrated my 60th birthday. Here endeth the good things that happened and beginneth the tough luck stuff--Our dear next-door neighbor Rocky (who was always wonderful to us, and did so many good things for so many people) got killed by a hit-run driver. Our little dog Rufus died. And we had to bring my brother-in-law from New York and take care of him, as he was very sick and unable to live alone anymore. And there were so many problems with him, it was heartbreaking. So much for what I was doing 10 years ago--Cindy--you asked. This is the Reader's Digest condensed version!
Question 2: Things on my to-do list for today? Swim in the pool (done) Go to the store (done) Pay a bill, Clean the house, Read, Pin baste the quilt.
Question 3: snacks I enjoy? that's yogurt and sugar-free fudgicles
Question 4: Things I would do if I were a billionaire?: I would make a charitable foundation in order to support worthy causes. I would send all my grand kids, who want to go, to college. I would get more storage space. I would take taxis. I would get blue-ray (whatever that is.)
Question 5: Places I have lived? Brooklyn, NY; Sydney, Nova Scotia; Covina CA; Glendora CA;and Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Not in that exact order.

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