May 2, 2008

Outside reading

I guess the idea of "outside reading" has long ago been dropped from school curriculums. When I was a kid, the teachers would assign a book to be read over the school year, and questions about it would be late in May. I remember having to read David Copperfield. I recommend that quilters do some outside reading in order to find inspiration for designing. For instance, I subscribe to "Biblical Archaeology Review." This magazine has some informative articles. But it's the photos that I really find so interesting. You would be surprised to look at a picture of a thousand-year-old mosaic floor, or pottery or carving and see on there motifs that we quilters are still using today. You'll see Dresden plates, fans, birds, borders of flowers and grapes, and all sorts of geometric designs. After I finish reading my magazine I often rip out a page and file it in my idea file. For knitters, look for architectural features and you'll see cable stitches.

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