Nov 6, 2008

Another way to tie a quilt

Well, happily I'm feeling much better from the eye infection, I'm so glad that I went to the doctor. And I have pin basted the baby quilt that I'm making. I hope that you can see from this photo. I'm using the bedspread crochet cotton, and a nice darning needle. (Does anyone darn anymore? I can't remember the last time I darned anything.) And I'm stitching fly stitches, quite far apart. It's easy. I guess it might be better if I put the quilt in a frame, but I'm a frameless person. I tried a hoop, but I didn't like it. I started at the middle top. The method calls for sliding the needle through the batt from one stitch to the other. You bring the needle up to the surface, and then you stitch through all layers when you make the next step in the stitch, from the side down to the point. Then you stitch through the point, and slide the needle through the batt again. I guess I made that clear as mud. I hope that you can see it in the photo.


jovaliquilts said...

It sounds like half quilting, half tying. Did I understand right?

Clare said...

I keep on meaning to try this, but somehow forget.