Nov 20, 2008

Strips Baby Quilt

Here it is, all pin basted. It's a Strips Baby Quilt and makes a very quick donation quilt. To make it, cut strips of children's fabrics and other fabric to fill in, the full length of the fabric from 2 1/2 to 6 inches wide. I usually make the baby fabrics the wider strips. Sew them together, making one edge even. When the quilt is about 36 inches, it's done. Trim the uneven side and press. I want to try doing some of that utility quilting on it.

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jovaliquilts said...

I agree, those can make some great donation quilts. I've thought about trying one with a quilt-as-you-go technique (stitching it all directly together), but don't know whether that would end up being a big pain. I may just try it and see.