Nov 2, 2008

There's good news and bad news. The good news is that I have pieced together a quilt top for my charity donation. Some liberated stars put together with yellow gingham. This seems to be about the last of my yellow gingham, of which I had nearly a whole bolt. "I'm waiting for my ship to come in," as they used to say in my old book, The Five Little Peppers," which I read over and over when I was a kid. Ha, ha that book is so dated now--actually I'm just waiting for the batt that I ordered to arrive in the mail! Now on to the bad news--after spending a couple of hours in the doctor's office--I have conjunctivitis--known as pink eye, and etc. So now I'm taking those little pills. And here I was feeling so good, after enduring two weeks of the last sickness. Never mind. I want to make another quilt this week, too. I have in mind a Chinese coin of some kind--but I'll think about it. Meanwhile, I have finished knitting socks for my cousin Sandy. They're knitted with Kroy yarn. I don't know when I'll get to the Post Office to send them to her. To be continued.


jovaliquilts said...

Sorry about the conjunctivitis! Hopefully the little pills will make you feel much better in a day or so. The stars quilt is really cute!

Clare said...

I hate conjunctivitis.

Lovely stars.

Susan said...

Hi, Roz, thanks for your comment on my quilt. I took a peek at your blog and really like the things you have made, especially the liberated stars. And I think I'll make that soup tomorrow. It sounds easy and nourishing, and especially nice on these chilly days.