Aug 19, 2010

another summer day

Big excitement because out on my patio--my baby toes plant has blossomed!  The rest of the year it's a quite uninteresting succulent plant, but when it blooms with those little daisy-like flowers, that really makes my day.  And I took a photo of small children playing in the fountain in our shopping center. Cute. The last photo shows the progress I'm making on free-motion quilting my latest effort.  Oh, I have so much quilting to do, what with 3 quilts that I'm working on--or planning, plus Tonya has issued a new challenge.  Her's are the only challenges I'm ever interested in.  And this one is a doosey!

1 comment:

Tangos Treasures said...

Pretty flowers! Cute kids & OMGosh on the challenge!! LOL Good Luck!
Your quilt is looking good!