Aug 5, 2010

Sabrina's quilt binding, plus a crochet baby sweater

I can hardly believe it, this is such a "cold" summer. Today it's 78 degrees ( 25 Celsius) and that's only when it warmed up in the afternoon, this morning I needed a sweater.  Here's a photo of sewing down the binding on Sabrina's quilt.  I'm using a dark green binding to match the sashes on the quilt.  And the backing is a flannel with dolphins on it.  I looked up the name "Sabrina" and it has something to do with dolphins--I don't know what exactly. Remember Sophia Loren's first movie, "The Boy on a Dolphin?" (1957).  Well, I'm digressing all over the place.  Meanwhile,  as I was enthusiastically  sewing these three quilts, I have let my sewing-computer room go to rack and ruin--there's bits of fabric and batting all over the place.  No matter, I will be trying to use up all these scraps right away on the next quilt.  It seems that I have now given away my baby quilts to a new baby cousin (probably my second cousin or first cousin twice removed or some other technicality of relationship) and also my daughter's neighbor was having a breast operation and there went my emergency Get Well Soon quilt.  Furthermore, the "Mommy and Me" at the library where my youngest works needs an I Spy quilt.  So I have lots of quilts to sew.  One thing I want to ask anyone reading this post--have I Spy quilts gone out of style?  I had a lot of trouble finding a web site that was selling those bits of kids fabric. 
And I'm also posting a photo of my latest creation, a crochet baby sweater that I made for my great niece.  The pattern is on the Internet at pattern number WT2154.  Except that I added the crochet flowers myself.

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Winona said...

Hi Roz, cute baby sweater. I have crocheted for many years, but never crocheted a baby sweater. You did a good job. I think matching the binding to the sashing was a good idea. The dolphins on the back are really cute. Have a good day. Winona