Aug 13, 2010

Sabrina's Quilt

I managed to take this photo of Sabrina's quilt by spreading the quilt on my bed and standing on a chair.  I'm so excited to have completed all three of these granddaughter quilts.  And it just so happens that relatives are traveling to Las Vegas this weekend, and they can bring the quilts to the girls.  As usual, I have made something nice and warm for them during the time when the weather is at it's hottest!  I'm in the middle of knitting them warm sweaters, too.  I hope that the sweaters will be completed by the Fall, when the weather in Las Vegas is much cooler. 
On another note, I'm posting a photo of some string blocks.  These blocks are for the Emergency Get Well Soon Quilt that I'm working on.  The quilt will have six free-pieced star blocks and six string blocks.  If you look at the photo you will notice that I'm making these blocks using a method similar to making a Courthouse Steps square.  I sew a strip onto each side of the block. Then I press the block and trim the edges before adding more strips.  I find that by adding on to each side before pressing, the sewing of the blocks is much faster.  When they are all big enough, I will square up all the blocks.

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cathleen said...

Your quilt is beautiful! The fabrics are so pretty together.