Aug 21, 2010

The Get Well Soon (Emergency) quilt is completed.

So happy to say that I finished this Get-Well-Soon quilt yesterday (quilting, binding and all).  Meanwhile, I'm doing research to try to do Tonya's Amish goes to Gee's Bend quilt challenge.  I went to the library and looked up Amish quilts in a big book Amish the Art of the Quilt by Robert Hughes.  I'm vacillating between making a bars pattern or a crazy quilt, but I think that a crazy quilt might be a cop-out.  And I've begun that I Spy quilt for the Mommy and Me at the Library. I plan to make a straightforward quilt with assorted solids outlining the squares.


Sharon said...

Wow, your Get Well Soon quilt is wonderful! It should make anyone feel better. I love your twinkling stars.

Sometimes the hardest part is making the decision of how to start, isn't it? There's so many wonderful possibilities in the Amish spectrum, not to mention the Gee's Bend quilts too. Good luck deciding! It's all good, you know. *grin*

Magpie Sue said...

Your Emergency Get Well quilt is a very happy quilt. Whoever needs it will feel better just by looking at it!

Seems you've got all the energy I seem to be lacking these days. Glad to see someone is making good use of it! ;- )

Winona said...

Roz, your get well soon quilt is just great. You put that one together in a hurry. It will be a blessing for someone when they need it. Winona

Tonya R said...

fun quilt and congrats on the finish! wonderful quilt to snuggle under and hopefully feel better.