Apr 4, 2011

Baby quilt for donation

Spring has sprung. Lots of flowers are blooming. I took a photo today of the flowers by my door. And happy dance time, I have completed this baby quilt. I used some conversation prints and a red solid. And I sewed on a strange print fabric that sort of resembles bananas floating on a pale green background for the outer border. The backing is flannel with birds printed on it. I free-motion quilted it on my sewing machine. I want to mail this quilt to Quilter's Newsletter magazine, where they are collecting donated quilts to ship to disaster survivors. I published their link a couple of posts ago.

I hope that the quilt will comfort some child who has suffered in this terrible event.

And back on the quilting scene, I have to do some major cleaning in my sewing room. I've simply been working at a frantic pace lately. I have gone to the hardware store today and purchased another magnet on a stick--I already broke the first one that I had--to use to pick up stray pins on the floor. And if I scrape up all the bits of scraps scattered here and there, I can actually vacuum this room sometime in the near future. It's a small room where my computer and sewing machine live happily, with modem lights glowing in the dark at night.


Finn said...

Love your baby quilt Roz. I'm sure it will bring great comfort to some small person when received. Great job with the machine quilting. I'm not nearly as brave as you, I don't think. I sometimes machine quilt, but mostly in the ditch...not very adventuresome.
Love the "modem lights glowing in the dark", there's a touch of poet or storyteller in you. Hugs, Finn

jovaliquilts said...

I am sure some child will love that quilt! Terrific that you made it.
As for cleaning up the sewing room, I learned the hard way that you have to be careful vacuuming long threads -- they can really mess up the works! Now I use a brush to get the big ones off the carpet first.