Apr 1, 2011

Heart applique wall hangings

Here they are, completed wall hangings. If you look closely you will realize that they are each unique. Similar but not the same--appliques or buttons. And the manatees are swimming on the fabric background. I'm fascinated by those creatures. And although they are bulky, it's nice to know that they are vegetarian and will not take a bite out of swimmers!

A few notes about the sewing construction: First the appliques were made by drawing the heart shapes on the back of iron-in non-woven interfacing. These were placed sticky side to right side of the fabric, and then sewn all around the whole edge. Trim seam, cut a small slit in the interfacing. Turn right side out. And there you have it, the edges are turned under. I hand sewed the appliques to the wall hanging using black embroidery thread and a blanket stitch. Secondly, I didn't sew any binding, I just did a pillowcase turn. I used a solid blue backing, that matched the edges of the wall hanging. Thirdly, I didn't use batting in the wall hangings but I interlined them with flannel. I didn't use any new flannel either, I had a discarded nightgown (washed of course) and I cut the interlinings from the skirt. I edge stitched the wall hangings, catching in a flap of fabric to use for the curtain rod later. But I didn't hem that down in the back until after I had sewn on the button trims.

I hope that I explained that all OK. Actually, it's a very simple sewing method.

Now back to work on my two other quilts that need quilting!


Michele Bilyeu said...

That really is a cute wall hanging! And I think it was a great way to explain your technique! Simple, striking and really quite cute!

jovaliquilts said...

Fun! I've used pillowcase turns when I use flannel with minkee, and I think for some things it's just what you want -- and no binding to sew!!

Anonymous said...

I love the colours and the buttons. Very pretty!