Sep 25, 2009

I'm tied up

Hurray! I got the quilt tied. Worked my fingers to the bone on this one. Well, truthfully although this is a big quilt, first of all there's no batting. I just have it lined with flannel. And second of all, I tie quilts on the dining table (with a cutting mat underneath) so I can watch TV while I'm doing it. And since there's no batting, I didn't have to worry about how far away one tie was from the other. But it's not finished yet. I have to sew around the borders which are not denim. And of course, the binding. But I'm projecting finishing next week, "if the creeks don't rise." Meanwhile, back to the salt mines for me--and I still have another dental appointment for today. Yes, it's boring--I've been complaining about my teeth for more than a month. When I open my mouth in a dental office, the dentist sees a cash register.


Libby said...

This denim quilt is so cool...and flannel backing sounds perfect. Good luck with your finishing!

larissa said...

beautiful quilt! the various blues almost resemble the sky as seen through window panes. and i love how you used the jeans pockets! thanks for stopping by my blog. best of luck at the dentist's office.

Magpie Sue said...

"When I open my mouth in a dental office, the dentist sees a cash register." And that's another reason why I keep putting off going in myself!