Sep 6, 2009

Recycled jeans

This denim quilt is fun to make. I like the idea of recycling all these old, cast-off jeans. I've been a bit slow about making it, as I've still got problems with my tooth. At least it's getting a lot better. Anyhow, I see myself making a few of these denim quilts. Does anyone have some information about "Warm and Natural" quilt batting? I was thinking of getting some as I have noticed on the Internet that it does not require being tied as closely as the polyester batting. Is Warm and Natural the stuff that you have to wash before using? Now on about the denim. I have found that sewing with old denim is interesting because of the color changes, it has a personality. So today I cut a nice neat rectangle from a pants leg. I dug through my scraps and found a bit of plaid for the edges. I think it will make an interesting appliqued wall hanging. Maybe some sunflowers or daisies, I guess. I do have a few really nice yellow fat quarters for sunflowers. I'm recycling--my grandson wants me to "go green" and I'm trying.


Sharon said...

Your denim quilt looks great! I love all the colors of blue. And the gold is just right to set it all off.

I've used a lot of Warm and Natural, and it does fine. No, it doesn't need pre-washing. If it's wrinkled when it comes out of it's bag, I put it in the dryer on warm for about 10 minutes to fluff and de-wrinkle it some.

If you live in SoCal, you probably don't need such a warm batting. You could probably even use a piece of flannel for the batting (pre-washed for shrinkage), because the denim itself is so heavy. I made a denim quilt with W&N batting, and it weighs a ton. It's very warm!

Cher said...

I too really like the look of this quilt top and think a flannel back and no batting would work well. I have made several flannel quilts - front and back with no batting and they have been nice and easy to machine quilt too.

Magpie Sue said...

I'm glad to read you've decided to back your denim quilt with flannel. I agree with the others that that will be sufficient. Denim quilts are heavy enough without the weight of Warm & Natural! It's the only batting I use anymore, I love it, but I like it because I like the weight it adds to a quilt. Well, that's the biggest reason, there are others :- )