Sep 30, 2009

Applique wall hanging

I have the wall hanging pinned together. I designed the applique myself. It's not copied out of a book. The blue in the background is a piece of an old pair of jeans. I may add a couple of extra leaves, I'm not sure yet. The green flower stems were made using bias and sewn using a set of bias bars. I have found that that's about the easiest way for me to make stems in flower appliques. I plan to hand hem the appliques to the background, and I'm not sure if I'll embroider them with blanket stitch. I like to make things up as I go along.


Lynda said...

Looking godd! I'm interested to hear that you use bias bars. I had so little success with mine that I put them on the sales table - and nobody bought them! (They ended up in the charity shop, and I've never seen them again!) I use a bias tape maker for my stems, which suits me fine. We're all different!

woolywoman said...

I like how the applique comes up over the border. Isn't it fun to make things up as you go?