Sep 15, 2009

Onward denim

I guess that this photo of the denim quilt looks a lot like the previous one, but I assure you that it shows that a lot more squares have been added. And today I calculated how many strips to cut for the first border. I plan to add another bit of fabric to the outer border. Meanwhile, I found a nice bit of green in my stash to start on that wall hanging I mentioned some time ago--to be continued--the green will be for stems and leaves on the flowers I want to make. Making applique requires me to do some deep thinking, on deciding what method would be best for what I want to do. Of course I change my mind several times, that's part of the fun. I recently acquired the book "Patchwork Folk Art" by Janet Bolton. Janet Bolton is an artist. I wouldn't actually copy any of her work. Besides, she frames her work, and I don't frame my patchwork. Her book gives me lots of ideas, though. While on the subject of books, another one about applique that I really like is titled "Applique" and is by Lucinda Ganderton. That book has some really original ideas also. One thing I like is how the author embroidered her applique.


paula, the quilter said...

About 20 years ago, I used to combine denim and Harley Davidson tee-shirts and sweatshirts into quilts and sell them. As I recall, those things were very heavy. Perfect for spreading on the ground at picnics.


that quilt must be so heavy! The weight of it must be so nice to wrap up in in those COLD CA nights! Perhaps I can borrow it if i go back to MN in the winter! ;-)

Cher said...

nice progress!