Oct 26, 2009

King Kong runs for the border

Isn't this cute, I have some fabric that's printed to look like denim. And I'm adding it to the border of my quilt. I think I'm naming this quilt King Kong. (Don't know why.) Anyway, what I wanted to say is please don't report me to the Quilt Police. I know that the usual instructions for quilts tell you to cut the border to a certain length, and pin it in place with a big bunch of pins. I never do that. I just cut a generous border, sew it to the side of the quilt and then I trim it to fit. Sometimes I don't even cut the border, with some fabrics, you can rip it the long way, and the edges of the fabric hold up pretty well. I have to add on an additional border after this one, too. I guess I'll be sewing for a while yet! Meanwhile, I'm trying to decide what quilt to make next.
Talking about deciding what to do next---Two nights ago, I was so cold I had to turn on the heater. Now, today it's about 90 degrees, and I had to put on the AC. Southern California, the place with the least weather, and we complain more than anyone----


jovaliquilts said...

Your title made me laugh! Maybe you thought of King Kong because it's such a big quilt?

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

I never measure the darn border either, but I admit I pin the heck out of it. stupid quilt police. woohoo, you're making progress!

Clare said...

What quilt police? Have you seen them? LOL.

I do exactly the same, but I do pin it otherwise I end up with a lot of puckering and the quilt won't lie flat.