Oct 29, 2009

King Kong grows up

Cheers! King Kong quilt top is completed. You wouldn't call this thing a "flimsy," though. It's fairly heavy weight--being made of denim as it is. Now this quilt is by no means finished! It's time for my most dreaded task--ironing the 9 yards of flannel for the backing.

The photo below is of the flannel as looks when it emerged from the dryer. I washed it several days ago, and I just left the thing in a heap. Now comes the Moment Of Truth, as they say--I have to press it, cut it into sections and join the sections together to make the backing. I knew that the flannel would have to be washed because this fabric shrinks like crazy the first time the water hits it. At least we know that flannel only shrinks the one time---
After I press it (and the quilt top), I think that I'll spread the quilt top out on my bed, and roll the flannel over it and go to town with a scissors and cut it into 3 parts. I'm hoping that the 9 yards will be adequate. If not, I'll have to improvise and add some odd bit of flannel to the edge someplace. I had better buy extra safety pins as this thing is going to be a big job to pin baste. Meanwhile totally off the subject, I rented the movie "Easy Virtue" and I watched about half of it. It's so funny. Based on a Noel Coward play, and with lots of his music. I've got to see the ending today.


jovaliquilts said...

Good luck! Dealing with 9 yards of fabric is no fun.
We watched Easy Virtue about 3 weeks ago and really enjoyed it! Have fun with the second half.

Hilda said...

Where do you live--I've got a tin full of safety pins that I no longer need since I got a longarm, and I'd be glad to mail them to you. I also love the pattern for these denim quilts but wasn't able to locate it.

paula, the quilter said...

Flannel also shrinks the second time it hits water (and sometimes the third). Ask me how I know this *sigh*

Cher said...

this is going to be one heavy quilt- but warm and gorgeous! good luck with all that ironing- my least favorite part too..and I agree with paula..I would consider washing/ drying that flannel one more time too

Magpie Sue said...

Wow, what a project! Looks like you and I have both been busy... but you've been working on a much larger quilt than I! These two denim quilts lood fantastic. I forget, where did you find the pattern?